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I Drive Safely Refer-A-Friend Program Privacy Policy

Participation in the REFER A FRIEND Program may require users to submit personal information about themselves and their friends (collectively “Users”), such as name and e-mail address. The information you provide when signing up for the Refer-a-Friend program will be handled according to the I Drive Safely Privacy Policy which can be found at and Administrator’s Privacy Policy which can be found at

We do not utilize any information processed through the REFER A FRIEND program. The information gathered and processed by the REFER A FRIEND script is purely used as intended and will never be used in any way other than to facilitate the intended purpose of allowing an individual to make a referral. The personal information may be used by Company or Administrator, on Company's behalf, to contact Users with regards to participation in the Program and to receive communications from Company. If you register for the Refer a Friend program, you may receive promotional communications. You can Opt out of these by unsubscribing through the link in the email.

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